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Korage is on a mission to redefine the way we embrace life’s experiences. We firmly believe that optimal performance is not achieved only by entering a positive state of mind, but rather by accepting discomfort as a part of the whole to help you achieve your desired goals

n. The courageous willingness to fully experience the comfort and discomfort of the growth process.

Korage’s mission is simple: We help manage work-related stress and redefine success, one person at a time, one team at a time.

Our mission is to encourage acceptance of uncomfortable emotions while still committing to acting according to who you really want to be.

We want to you to thrive.

In our pursuit of peak performance, we often find ourselves avoiding discomfort and seeking to control emotions. The desire for an optimal state of performance can lead us to suppress feelings that we deem negative or undesirable. Paradoxically, this effort to maintain emotional balance can hinder your growth.

By dodging uncomfortable emotions, we close the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our capabilities. When you focus on the “why” behind your actions, while accepting the discomfort of vulnerability, you unlock a higher level of performance.

For us, performing at your best isn’t a fixed peak; it is about being willing to consistently stretch yourself and your limits both in a powerful and healthy way.

We want to help you make your typical performance your best performance.

After working with KORAGE you, and your team, will:


In a world that often pushes away discomfort and champions positivity, Korage challenges these norms.
In your pursuit of a perfect performance, you can often find yourself avoiding discomfort and seeking to control emotions. The desire for an optimal state of performance can lead you to suppress feelings that you deem negative or undesirable.

Paradoxically, this effort to maintain emotional balance can hinder your growth, and by dodging uncomfortable emotions, you may close the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and your capabilities. Korage is the bravery to experience all facets of life. Whether positive or negative, comfortable or uncomfortable, both are essential parts of being whole. We are here to support you in your journey of strengthening your commitment to perform according to your values while acknowledging and accepting life’s complexity.

Meet Kathy Maichel

Your Performance Coach

Kathy is dedicated to partnering up with individuals around the world to help them manage work-related anxiety, create a meaningful career, and optimize performance. Kathy’s science-based coaching practice empowers you to embrace discomfort and achieve psychological flexibility. Kathy  has worked with:
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Film Makers
T.V. Artists
Leaders & other professionals
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Kathy is a certified performance coach from The Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, iPEC— and has more than 900 hours of coaching experience (PCC, ICF).

With a background in professional opera performance, in USA, and a master’s degree in Psychology of Music from The University of Sheffield, UK., Kathy focuses on the science of performance anxiety and optimal functioning.

Kathy has worked with performers in the US Air Force, with leaders at Fox Ordering, and Ecopetrol, as well as with Fitpal, International NGOs, hotels, orchestras, and universities around the world. Kathy is a coach consultant for the Wellbeing Mobile App, HOY, as well as for WarChild and Safe the Children.

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“My favorite thing about working with Kathy is her ability to see through what I am saying out loud and see what is deeper. And then to lovingly challenge me to see it as well. I love that we finish every session with a sense of closure, even on major topics. I always feel so ready to tackle the next week, and filled with confidence about it. Also, she is hilarious, and that makes coaching fun, even when we are talking about mortality.”
Singer | U.S Air Force




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