As consultants, we offer personalized support for your projects, and cater to the specific needs and objectives of your organization. Whether you want to create a coaching culture or are interested in using coaching tools and skills for a certain purpose, we can support you.

Success stories

Community Led CP – WarChild

Since 2020, Korage has been consulting on the wonderful research project on Community-Led CP—a project aiming to empower the connection with communities by enabling them to lead the process of creating sustainable change. Korage’s role has been to collaborate in the creation, design, and development of the Community Coaches Training, offering expert advice in the implementation of coaching tools.

Korage has been implementing pilots, training wonderful groups of individuals across Latin America, including Colombia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua, as well as in South Sudan, Africa.

Mobile Wellbeing App – HOY

Korage has been part of a wonderful project led in Colombia—an app dedicated to promoting mental health and democratizing mental health support among the Colombian workforce. Korage supports their vision of helping people take action to improve their well-being TODAY (which means “HOY” in Spanish). Korage has collaborated in product development to enhance mental health efficiently and has designed more than 180 activities for the app.

KORAGE is for

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Performing Artists​
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“Kathy has a softness, calmness and gentleness...and therein lies her intuitive power. She listens deeply and cuts through the fluff. She senses what's happening beneath the surface; she challenges my interpretations which allows me to breath through my blocks and expand my understanding of myself and my world, and create changes that I hadn't been able to in the past.”
Entrepeneur | USA




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