We want you to thrive!

Korage is dedicated to helping you manage work-related anxiety and unleash your optimal performance.

Step into a space of empowerment and growth at Korage. Our platform is designed to make your typical performance your best performance.

Join us in a journey towards authenticity and excellence.

Korage is here to help you live your journey to mastery
and success while enjoying the process.

After working with KORAGE you, and your team, will:

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Performing Artists​
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What is your level of performance Flexibility?

About Us

Korage: Embracing Authentic Performance
Performance is more than just a task; it’s the vulnerable act of sharing yourself with the world, unsure of the response you’ll receive. Korage empowers you to bring your authentic and confident self into your leadership and performance.

Korage has a unique approach that incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT). Well-controlled studies show that ACT:

Significantly enhances performance in musicans, athletes and leaders (Mahony et a.l, 2022; Lutkenhouse et al., 2007; Jossefson et al., 2019)

Reduces procrastinations and improves time management skills (Glick & Orsillo, 2015)

Reduces burnout and increases well-being and psychological flexibility
(Flaxman & Bond, 2010)

Improves ability to manage pain and injury in musicians and althetes (Feldner et al., 2006)

Promotes employees’ psychological health, reduces burnout and improves employee engagement, and enhance performance (Flexman et al., 2019)

Improves willingness to experience emotional distress, and reducess anxiety (Levitt et al., 2004)

Improves motivation and meaningful action-taking (Wang et al., 2017)




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