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Elevate Your Artistry, Manage Performance Anxiety

For musicians, dancers, writers, and all creative professionals, Korage is your safe space to discuss and manage performance anxiety. Our approach helps you understand and navigate emotions, enabling you to deliver breathtaking performances- and, most importantly, to help you recognize it!

This program is for you if you

By increasing Korage, you will:

Manage stress and anxiety

By understanding what blocks you under pressure. Create the inner resources to outperform your current self.

Improve performance

Create breathtaking performances, dive deep into your art, and snag those auditions.

Create meaning

Connect with the WHY behind your creative journey, and build a meaningful career.

Build Emotional Stamina

Learn to accept and create resilience over uncomfortable emotions and sensations.

Connect mind & body

Flow like a pro, manage chronic pain, and savor your performances.

KORAGE is for

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Performing Artists​
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“I like working with someone who is also a musician and knows about the negative or uncomfortable emotions that sometimes come with art making. I like that we work on normalizing the feelings and handling them when they arise rather than aiming to eliminate. She has given me great tools and also helps me come up with my own. I feel very safe when working with Kathy, she’s a great listener, validating, but will also tell you when a change in thinking is necessary. I could not be more grateful for her!”
Singer | USA




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